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Giving up dairy is easier than you think

In the name of compassion and justice, to eliminate dairy from your menu, is a very good idea.

Farmers insist that dairy cows are happy and are protected in life. The photos and videos you share to safe that will do happy cows on small farms, but these cows and all their calves will finally have to be euthanized.

almond milk

Some of them are already sick and weak when loaded in the truck. It is possible that you have to go for multiple auctions won before reaching the slaughterhouse. They can travel long distances without food or water and forcing them to stand for hours.

Even under the best conditions, the cows don't want to be standing for a long time and are not the best conditions, because a large proportion of the sick cows or with problems of joints and lameness are sent to the slaughterhouse. Without a doubt, suffer during the transportation.

It is difficult to compare these facts with the claims of the farmers that their cows live well and die with humanity.

However convincing the argument to eliminate dairy products, seems to be a dietary change difficult. The problem mainly lies in the concern for the nutrition, food preparation, and its enjoyment.

For those who until now have relied on the milk, yogurt, and cheese, sometimes it is surprising to discover that some foods of plant origin are rich in calcium. Get the calcium out of the plants is different, but not difficult.

A good rule of thumb is to eat at least three cups per day of plant-based foods that provide calcium is well absorbed. These include any vegetable milk enriched, fruit juices enriched, pasta, beans bitter, the cruciferous vegetables cooked (cabbage, broccoli, kale, cabbage, beets), and tofu made with calcium sulfate.


It is just as easy to substitute milk in recipes. Although it is an ingredient that is at the head of the sauces, creams, and recipes of pancakes, any vegetable milk (such as soy, almond, pea, oat, or flax) will serve.


You can also make your own cheese using ingredients that will give you a good flavor profile. Although the parmesan and other cheeses are described as tasty, this flavor/essence is found in the plant, in reality in the algae.

Other foods rich in taste are the tomato puree, dried tomatoes, starch, vegetable, balsamic vinegar, dried mushrooms, and sauerkraut. Try mixing cashews, soaked with lemon juice, salt, and a little nutritional yeast to make a spreadable paste that has all the goodness and creamy taste of the cheese from cow's milk.

In the shops you can also find delicious yogurts, vegan, and a great variety of ice cream made with dry fruits, sunflower oil, coconut, and soy.

If you move the worm of the dairy, but you are still skeptical about a diet without dairy, go step-by-step. Start experimenting with different milks vegetables in your cereal, coffee and pastries. Try the cheese and the ice cream vegan. Maybe what you find. When you move into the dairy, you're not really giving up anything.

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