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Veganism as a lifestyle

“Live a vegan, you live better, live with health.”


Veganism is a way of life that rejects the use of any product of animal origin such as meat, eggs, milk, honey, wool, silk, leather and fur.

This means that vegans do not eat animal foods or products made with them, such as milk, eggs, cheese and honey. Also avoid the use of products made with animal raw materials, such as leather, wool, silk, and beauty products that contain ingredients of animal origin.


Veganism is based on respect for animals and the environment, and its goal is to promote a healthier lifestyle, sustainable and respectful of the planet.

The benefits of a vegan diet

Are you considering a vegan diet? If so, you could be on the verge of embarking on a decision that will change your life. A vegan diet offers numerous benefits for the health, welfare, and the environment.

One of the main benefits of a vegan diet is that it can help to improve health. Vegans generally have a lower risk of having heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer. This is because the vegan diet is free of animal products, which can contain saturated fats harmful to the heart.

Además, una dieta vegana incluye muchos alimentos ricos en nutrientes, como frutas, verduras, legumbres, productos de soja y cereales integrales, que ofrecen una gran cantidad de vitaminas, minerales y fitonutrientes necesarios para una buena salud.

A second benefit is that a vegan diet is an excellent way to help the environment. Food vegans usually have a much smaller carbon footprint than foods of animal origin, which means that they contribute less to global warming.

In addition, the fact of not eating animal products means less use of land for agricultural production, which allows farmers to preserve the natural ecosystems.

Finally, a vegan diet is an excellent way to improve your emotional well-being. To eat vegan foods means that you are respecting the rights of animals and helping to improve the welfare of the animals. This is not only a great way to feel good about yourself, but it can also help improve your satisfaction with life.

As you can see, a vegan diet offers many benefits for the health, welfare, and the environment. If you're looking for a way to improve your health, help animals and support the environment, a vegan diet is an excellent option. Take the decision today to put you on a path towards a healthier lifestyle and sustainable!

Cook vegan: how to make your favorite food without meat

Do you want to discover how to prepare your favorite food without meat? Don't worry! Cooking vegan is a choice delicious to enjoy your favorite dishes without sacrificing any of the flavor.

There is No need to give up the flavors that you like. It opens you up to a whole world of possibilities to prepare your favorite recipes with no meat. You can replace the meat for a variety of nutritious ingredients like beans, lentils, mushrooms, soy, quinoa, and many more. These food are rich in protein and contain a variety of vitamins and minerals.

In addition, the kitchen vegan allows you to have fun with the food. You can experiment with different spices, herbs and sauces to create unique flavors. You can use vegan products such as cheeses and meats vegan to replace the traditional ingredients and create a dish is vegan, healthy, and satisfying.

What are you waiting for? Dare to discover the cuisine vegan! You'll be amazed by the variety of flavors and textures that you can create. I take the opportunity to enjoy a healthy and delicious meal without sacrificing flavor!

Test the rich dishes, vegan and discover that cooking without meat can be a fun experience and satisfactory.


The most common myths about veganism

It breaks down the myths about veganism and discover the truth!

Do you think that veganism is boring, expensive and limited? You're very wrong! From a varied diet, to personal care products, and fun choices of clothing, there is a world of possibilities for vegans. So, why not give it a try?

  • Do you think that vegans do not get enough protein? It is fake! Legumes, grains, soy-based products, and tofu, nuts and seeds are all rich in protein and vegans can get the proper balance of amino acids in these foods.
  • Do you think that vegans don't have enough options to eat? It is a myth! There is a great variety of vegan foods to choose from, ranging from soups and salads to pizza and cakes. Vegans have a wide range of dishes to choose from.
  • Do you think that being vegan means giving up comfort? It is not! The vast majority of restaurants now offer options-vegan, from fast food and cafes to gourmet restaurants. In addition, there are more and more vegan products in supermarkets for all budgets.
  • Do you think being vegan is difficult to maintain? It is not! With a little planning, veganism can be maintained with ease. You can take advantage of the weekend to prepare healthy food for the week, as well as to experiment with new foods.

It leaves behind the myths about veganism and discover the countless benefits it has to offer! Veganism can be fun, healthy, and affordable. ¡In addition, it is a great way to demonstrate respect for animals and the environment! What are you waiting for to try it?

How to remove animal products from your daily life

Are you ready for a change? If you are looking to take a step towards a lifestyle free of animal products, you're in the right place.

The adoption of a lifestyle free of animal products is not only beneficial for the animals, but it also has many benefits for your health and the environment. Here are some easy ways to begin your journey to a lifestyle free of animal products!

First, start with the food. Look at the list of ingredients of all the food that you buy and make sure to avoid products of animal origin, such as milk, egg, meat, fish and dairy products.

If you're hungry, choose foods plant-based such as fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts and grains. To stay healthy, always look at the ingredients list to make sure that the foods that we consume are nutritious and healthy.

Then, it considers the clothing and personal care products. Clothing and shoes made of leather, wool, silk or other materials of animal origin must be replaced by garments made of cotton, flax, jute, or synthetic materials.

In addition, refrain from buying personal care products that contain ingredients of animal origin, such as beeswax, silk, lanolin and keratin. Opt for products that are made from natural ingredients and vegan.

Finally, think about your daily activities. If you visit a zoo, an aquarium or a circus, think twice before you pay for your ticket. These activities promote animal exploitation and are a form of animal abuse. The best place to see animals in their natural habitat.

As you advance in your journey towards a lifestyle free of animal products, you'll feel inspired and empowered. Feel proud of having taken the right step toward a style of life more responsible, healthy, and sustainable. Take control of your life and be the best version of yourself!

Accessories-vegans that you must have in your wardrobe

The whole world can use fashion to vegan to be aware of sustainability! If you want to be a part of the fashion trend vegan, here are some accessories that you must have in your wardrobe to keep you trendy and at the same time, be a person with an environmental conscience.

The first thing on your shopping list should be a bag vegan. A bag vegan is an eco-friendly choice and a fashionable which is manufactured without any animal material. These bags are sustainable, durable and are available in a variety of styles so you can find the perfect one for your needs.

What are your shoes vegan? The shoes vegans are a great way to be kind to the environment. They are comfortable, durable, and manufactured without any animal material. Find the right pair of shoes perfect for your style and enjoy the comfort offered while maintaining your commitment to sustainability.

Another good option for your wardrobe is a scarf vegan. Scarves vegan are an excellent way to make sure your look is unique and at the same time, keep your principles of sustainability. These scarves are comfortable, soft, and are made of natural materials such as organic cotton, linen and synthetic wool.

No matter what your style, there are many ways to track fashion vegan and make your style sustainable and at the same time modern. Try it!

Companies of cosmetics and vegan products most popular

Get inspiration to take care of your skin with the best vegan products and cosmetics available! The vegan products contain no animal product or derivatives, which makes them more friendly to the environment. These are the companies of cosmetics and vegan products most popular:

  • Neve Cosmetics: This Italian company offers a full range of vegan products and natural to the care of the skin, hair, and eyes. They offer products such as foundation, flushes, eye shadows, lip products, skin care and hair care products.
  • The Body Shop: This british company markets products for the care of the skin, hair, and body, from scrubs, oils, beauty and moisturizing creams to hair products. All of the products from The Body Shop are vegan and are made with natural ingredients.
  • Pacifica: This us company offers a wide range of vegan products for the care of skin and lips, including foundations, eye shadows, flushes, lip glosses and much more. All of their products contain natural ingredients and do not contain any product of animal origin.
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We all deserve to hire the best vegan products and cosmetics to take care of our skin! These companies offer the best products to meet your needs and take care of your skin at the same time. Choose one and begin to take care of yourself!


Veganism is a lifestyle that is gaining popularity and acceptance in many parts of the world. This philosophy is based on respecting the rights of animals, the health, the environmental media and compassion towards others. By adopting a vegan lifestyle, you are choosing the healthy way of life and respectful of the planet and the animals.

Veganism also gives you the opportunity to try new foods and discover new ways of cooking. Despite the fact that veganism still has its challenges, there are more and more resources to help vegans to lead a healthy lifestyle and sustainable.

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