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Vegans against animal abuse

And how can it positively impact on our social life is a way of life that seeks to prevent all forms of exploitation and abuse of animals? If you are looking for answers to these questions, you have come to the right place.

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To what extent are vegans against violence?

Vegans are against violence: the people helping animals

Veganism is a way of life very specific that is opposed to the violence and cruelty to animals. The degradation of the environment, the threats to human health and the suffering of countless people in developing countries are also reasons why people choose a vegan diet.

Vegans are concerned with living in harmony with the animals, protect the resources of our planet and live in peace with other peopleso, as a vegan, you are by definition a “vegan against violence because you live a lifestyle that is against the destruction and cruelty”.

Vegans are better people, but research shows that they are more free, more open to new experiences and rely more on their peers.

Know and respect the animals for what they are: rational beings who experience pain and suffering just like us humans. They also know and respect the fact that in our societyother people have to suffer when they consume animal products.

Vegans assume personal responsibility for the consequences of their actions and change their behavior for moral reasons, intrinsic and established.

It is important to understand that veganism is a way of life that is opposed to the exploitation of animals, while veganism is a way of eating that keeps the meat.

Is there vegan prone to violence and crime?

Are there any vegans who are willing to use violence?

It may be that vegans are less prone to violence and crime due to their attitudes, but only by the fact of living as a vegan, of course you're not automatically a perfect person, good, peaceful and legal.

Of course, there are also vegans who glorify violence and are dedicated to a life of crime, particularly because the stress, anxiety, and mental health in general, tend to be the causes of crime.

A good example of this is Attila Hildman, which actively promotes the ideology of the conspiracy theory.

There are also vegan which are passed from the stripe and perform illegal acts to protect the animals.

We want to say: vegans can, of course, be aggressive and criminal.

However, most of them are less prone to violent and criminal behavior, because it is not a matter of diet choices, but the way you take decisions that are rooted.

You are a vegan who is opposed to violence, it is a moral choice based on human values such as compassion, love and respect for all living beings

Unfortunately, there is still little scientific research on the impact of veganism on our society. However, I can confirm that, at least for me personally, I have chosen a vegan lifestyle that is more compassionate, stress-free and vibrant.

I think that's pretty criminal to live at the expense of other people and animals. In addition, the suffering organized of the animals is legal, it is even subsidized by the State, despite the fact that probably all the people say hate cruelty towards animals.

What is the positive impact of veganism on our society as a response to the problems of today's society?

Crime, inequality, aggression, corruption, oppression, division, torture, racism, sexism: our global society is facing great challenges.

Fortunately, a vegan lifestyle is something more to give up the meat, dairy and eggs.

Have an incredible potential to have a sustainable impact, and positive in the human society all over the world, and not only that, but it's also about raising awareness of basic human values and important.

Now I would like to give you an idea of what this is about.

Personal health

The health of the offender may play a key role in the theft, property damage or even murder. A balanced diet plant-based health improvement.

Many vegans make a conscious choice to improve your health. Also leave old habits in order to better protect the health of others.

Isn't it amazing that we have enough food to feed to 56,000 millions of farm animals each year, and yet more than 800 million people die of hunger in the world?  If we feed directly from plants, not a single person would go hungry.

A diet rich in nutrients, strengthens the immune system, helps improve concentration and, ultimately, help millions of people to achieve a better academic performance and educational opportunities.

In this way, veganism promotes health and development for all staff, which is a real added value for our global community.



Veganism is a pacifist movement that is opposed to war, the brutality and aggression, in contrast, promotes love and compassion for all animals and people. That is why the majority of vegans are opposed to violence.

Other investigations have shown that a plant-based diet can do that people with a tendency to violence are more peaceful.

Personally, I also believe that a person can be more prone to violence if he loves the violence or are willing to pay the price of violence against animals. You may only have a juicy steak in the dish, but the pig had to die because he experienced violence, there is no doubt of it.


The situation of the crime has many facets, so that the question of the extent to which the veganism affects criminal activity cannot be answered in general terms, however, a plant-based diet healthy and balanced makes people feel better mentally and physically.

With a greater sense of well-being, it automatically reduces the motivation to steal, assault or kill. If we do harm to animals, increases the psychological barrier to harm other people.

Although it does not exclude the crime, is an important basis for the peaceful coexistence of all in our society.


The motion vegan is also an advocate for justice, solidarity, respect and equality, basic values of humanity. As a vegan, I like to leave aside the personal benefit to make life more pleasant for the animals and others.

In the breeding industrial, creatures, innocent and vulnerable are kept in stables, narrow and dark. Antibiotics are added to feed the chickens, cattle or pigs for animals to survive before finding his death, planned for a long time.

This treatment of animals is extremely unfair and away from any human value.


However, in our society are not the only animals who suffer from the massive consumption of meat and other animal-source foods, but also the workers of the meat industry, indigenous people, and the hungry.

Veganism is a factor of motivation in the face of violence, but this way of life offers many excellent opportunities for living, that we should take advantage of.



If all you could do bad things to animals, how would this to our social interactions? Veganism is not a matter of luxury, but a movement to be more compassionate with others.

Vegans are especially compassionate and supportive, accordingly, the inhibition threshold for damage to the animals or other people in any way is also very high.

Today, many people distinguish between companion animals and farm animals. This differentiated approach is known as speciesism.

Personally, I do not see the distinction between dogs and cattle, both are sentient beings that deserve to be caressed instead of slaughtered.

I firmly believe that this form of compassion for all living beings will have a positive and lasting impact on our society.


The future

“The livestock moderna is destroying our planet and our means of life, we are literally cutting off the branches of the trees where we sit”, polluting the air that we breathe, the water we drink and the soil in which we grow our food.

Either climate change or deforestation, air pollution, or overfishing of the oceans, the industrial agriculture, which consumes a lot of resources, is an important factor for the next generation to worry (unless) for its future.

Therefore, a vegan lifestyle is also a way to show compassion for our children, grandchildren, and all who are yet to comebalancing and soothing the fears of future generations to tackle the biggest environmental problems of our time.

No peace without justice: the impact of a vegan lifestyle

The styles of life vegan promote non-violence and equality and opposed especially to the violence and discrimination. They are a lever psychological order that all the peoples of the world live together more peacefully.

Many of us believe that we cannot do anything against the hunger, violence or exploitation of others in the world.

There's probably not a policy measure is more effective than that of becoming a vegan while you fight against the many social problems of the world, because this way of life has enormous social implications.

Vegan or not, there will always be morons in the world. But veganism offers at least a great potential for the coexistence of more peaceful of all the creatures of this planet, because the violence is not known to anyone.

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