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The Good Veggie

Benefits of Veganism (fourth chapter), other benefits

In addition to the health benefits mentioned above, the practice of a style of life and a vegan diet can also have these benefits. From protecting the environment to prevent serious bacterial infections, there are other benefits of a vegetarian diet, as


Many people start a vegan diet out of concern for the animals. So if you're against the use of animals for food as if you're against eating animals in yes, your conscience will be more quiet when you go vegan.


It takes a lot less resources to grow a plant to cultivate an animal. Being a vegetarian diet, you can help reduce the destruction of the environment.

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E. coli

E. coli arises from the consumption of red meat, contaminated and is the main cause of the diarrhea with blood. Young children, people with weakened immune systems and the elderly can become severely ill or die from E. coli. A vegetarian diet allows you to completely avoid the risk of infection by E. coli.


Food poisoning by Salmonella, other gastrointestinal disease caused by animal products, is closely related to E. coli. The most common way of getting food poisoning by salmonella is through contact with raw eggs or chicken meat, raw chicken infected with salmonella. Again, when you become a vegetarian, this risk is eliminated completely.

The mad cow disease

It is fair to say that most people would prefer to avoid catching a deadly disease and intractable. The best way to avoid contracting the disease Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease is to avoid eating animals infected with mad cow disease. Although it is said that the mad cow disease is not endemic in north America, there is.

Feed the food supply of the world

Feed the animals with cereals as a source of food means less food for the least developed countries. While many people are suffering from hunger, the same food given to animals raised for meat. Vegans can make sure to not participate in this imbalance.

Consumption of hormones

Eat animals that have been injected with hormones to accelerate their growth (something usual in the meat industry) makes these hormones enter the body. In addition to altering the natural balance of hormones, it has been shown that some of the that are administered to animals to cause tumors in humans.


Antibiotics are often used in animal feeding, which can lead to the development of resistant bacteria. Many of the antibiotics used to treat infections in humans are also used in animal feed.

A healthy diet

A vegan diet is a way of eating much more healthy. Discover how to combine a vegan diet with other diets to achieve a healthier approach and how to make a vegan diet healthier and more convenient in the resources listed below.

Raw food

By the very nature of its design, the diets of raw foods are suitable for veganism.

Ecology diet

A diet that is organic and vegan is very easy to follow. Used some of the recipes in this blog to get ideas for meals. Without fat, anyway, the vegan food is always low in fat.

In addition, it contains no gluten. If you are avoiding gluten due to allergies, celiac disease, or other reasons.

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